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Do you have a container building plan that we could help you with?

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Our company is making available containers from its existing stocks to custom made containers equipped for your own necessities. We can build from simple units to container ensembles, more modular units combined with each other, completely equipped and customizable in order to satisfy your needs.

The modular containers can serve as: offices with different purposes, presentation rooms, bedrooms, apartment buildings, shops, holiday accomodations, workshops, dining rooms, public institutions establishments, hotels with restaurant, motels, etc.

The modular containers can be equipped with all our client´s requests: fully equipped bathrooms, air-conditioner, panelling, blinds, etc.

The modular containers are easy to mount and dismantle, which makes them easy to transport (up to ten containers can be transported in a truck when disposed in packages.)

We are looking forward to your offer requests, plans or drafts of your own intended containers.

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